My List of WordPress Plugins for Starter sites

Website developers are constantly experimenting so we’re bringing up new sites, both for clients and for experimentation purposes, quickly.

While I won’t go into my process this week, (which involves using backup buddy from iThemes as well as desktop server) I wanted to at least give you my list of wordpress plugins that I start with every time.

So here is my list of wordpress plugins, with brief descriptions, that I use as of now. Read More →

WordPress Membership Plugin – Paid Memberships Pro

Interested in implementing a wordpress membership site and want to know the best wordpress membership plugin?

Over the past couple of years I’ve been implementing membership sites.

Recently I’m in the process of setting another one up for, and this gives me the opportunity to potentially try something new.

I have access to all of the iThemes plugins, so I thought I’d try them. And I’ll stay with them for awhile.

I also have access to WPMU dev, but I decided not to try them at this time.

I have implemented with Digital Access Pass. Very powerful and good, although it is a little pricey, and probably more than what I needed for this project. Plus, as a developer, I cannot modify their code in any way as they encrypt it. So while their support is great, if I have an issue that isn’t a priority for them, I’m out of luck. Ugh.

And I implemented in the past with Paid Memberships Pro after reading some articles by Chris Lema. One of his most recent ones is here: The plugin in free but you pay for support. Very nice.

So what to choose? Read More →

Changing and overriding the WordPress Dashboard Logo

In the most recent post Changing and overriding the WordPress Admin logo, I showed how to update the WordPress Admin logo. This was using a particular method that worked, but it turned out I wanted to make the subscriber experience a little more complete.

So this this article, I’ve simplified the WordPress Admin logo code, and in addition to that I’ve also changed the WordPress Dashboard logo, which will be one of two logos or “dashicons” displayed when a subscriber, or anyone else, is logged in. Read More →

Changing and overriding the WordPress Admin logo

If you’re doing custom WordPress designs like I do, or simply want to improve yours and your customer’s login experience, there are many ways to simplify and customize the WordPress dashboard.

One of the ways that’s not so straightforward is the changing and overriding of the WordPress Admin logo. Read More →

Speed up your website – Optimize your images

I look at three different services and five options to come to a simple conclusion on how to optimize your images to speed up your website.

We all know that the speed of a page load is a determining factor in search engine rankings. So it makes sense to optimize your images.

Quick tips to speed up your website

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