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How to implement a Welcome Gate on your WordPress site

Recently on we wanted to show everyone a video about what the heck “yoogozi” meant, and to be reasonably sure they saw it.

The solution was to add what’s known as a “Welcome Gate” page.

Basically it works like this: Read More →

WordPress Category Slug and How to Show it

Claudia Loens of and I recently launched a client site (

On all pages, except the home page, I wanted to show the category for the post, or the page title, as well as an image custom to that category/page title. So I needed to get the WordPress category slug, and also the WordPress page slug.

Here’s how I did it. Read More →

Faster WordPress Navigation between Posts and/or Pages

WordPress navigation between your posts and between your pages is a little cumbersome when you’re trying to make changes to many of them at once.

For example, if you decide you change SEO plugins and want to edit all of your pages, or change your featured images, or layouts, or implement an excerpt, you normally need to

  1. Show all pages
  2. Select the page you want
  3. Make your changes and save
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3

What if you could eliminate one of those steps? Read More →

Implementing a WordPress Grid with Loopbuddy

Recently, on, I wanted to display all of the posts we have, but not the entire text, or even a portion of it. I just wanted to show the featured image and the titles, in a grid format.

This way it is much easier for someone to browse through all of our articles in a condensed way. Scanning is what we need to remember that people are doing on the internet.

So I figured the title of the article, as well as the featured image, in a smaller display, would work.

Here are the steps I took. Read More →

Changing and overriding the WordPress Dashboard Logo

In the most recent post Changing and overriding the WordPress Admin logo, I showed how to update the WordPress Admin logo. This was using a particular method that worked, but it turned out I wanted to make the subscriber experience a little more complete.

So this this article, I’ve simplified the WordPress Admin logo code, and in addition to that I’ve also changed the WordPress Dashboard logo, which will be one of two logos or “dashicons” displayed when a subscriber, or anyone else, is logged in. Read More →