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WordPress Category Slug and How to Show it

Claudia Loens of and I recently launched a client site (

On all pages, except the home page, I wanted to show the category for the post, or the page title, as well as an image custom to that category/page title. So I needed to get the WordPress category slug, and also the WordPress page slug.

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Implementing a WordPress Grid with Loopbuddy

Recently, on, I wanted to display all of the posts we have, but not the entire text, or even a portion of it. I just wanted to show the featured image and the titles, in a grid format.

This way it is much easier for someone to browse through all of our articles in a condensed way. Scanning is what we need to remember that people are doing on the internet.

So I figured the title of the article, as well as the featured image, in a smaller display, would work.

Here are the steps I took. Read More →